• Circular economy is the future. And the future is now. Since the 70s, this concept has been settling and growing its presence in every narrative and professional field, esp

  • As a Spanish citizen, I have grown up in european cities- Andalusian towns, downtown Madrid… cities where pedestrians have predominant power. I have seen the progress

  • “Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd” — Bertrand Russel. When the w

  •   DISNEY AND THE MYTH The speech of Disney has a huge propaganda component. Walt made use of an appealing message which allowed him selling his dreamy world successful

  • There is something strange about attending a farewell in an airport. You walk with that special person, chat with him, help him with the suitcase and you both are surroundi

  • Every year, the number of vegetarians and vegans increase as more people join this lifestyle. It is currently trendy in the West but it is not uncommon in Asia and cultures

  • Last week I had the chance and priviledge to show my work to Andrés Jaque, a outstanding architect which always invited us to reflect about Architecture with his work. He h

  • I have been interested in mirrors for years. The mirror is an object that has always been a source of discomfort and fascination for me. However, in the Disney film Tangled