San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Architecture, Sustainability, Thesis / Research, Urbanism
About This Project

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

San Lorenzo de El Escorial City Council wanted to know how people move inside the town. It is a small-medium village, which receives a lot of visitors every year due to the presence of El Escorial Monastery, built by the Spanish Emperor Philip II. The diagnostic covered many fields: walking, buses, bikes, cars; locations of interest, public service buildings (from schools to art centers); hotels, etc.

One of the members of the team, Susana Moreno, is a native of San Lorenzo, so she had an indepth knowledge of the site. The process consisted of interviews with locals, police, firemen, teachers and more; walking and biking the village many times, mapping obstacles and common routes; and analyzing what we saw and found.

Once this diagnostic was complete, the City Council asked for a new project: the design of Safe Walking Paths for Children to School, currently in development.



Francisco González González
Susana Moreno Soriano
Mateus Porto Schettino
Agustín Carro Faustino

Manuel Paredes Balén